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Zinka Team Rider, Austin Hair talks about his wakeboard trip to Brazil...

I decided to take a trip a down to Brazil to escape the slightly colder weather we'd been having in Orlando and get a jump start on the season. Every time I come down to Brazil, I'm always happy I made the decision. This trip was no exception. I was greeted by the warmth of the Brazilian sun when I arrived early on Wednesday morning. Almost immediately we drove from the Sao Paulo airport to a beautiful lake called Igarata. Igarata is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, place to ride. It's never cold, windy, or crowded. Because of the way the mountains and hills surround the lake, you can always find completely flat water and great scenery. Of course one of the best things about coming down here is the people. Brazilians are so friendly, and the local riders have a huge passion for the sport. Its not difficult to fill up the boat with and chase boat with spectators each time I go out to ride. It's a great feeling to help them out with words of encouragement, and see their faces light up. The past week has been filled with great riding, great friends, and lot of fun. I don't think I'll ever move from America, but if I do Brazil makes a top candidate.


With the Snow Season quickly approaching, Zinka Team Rider Jared Goldberg shares about his recent Ski trip to Chile

We nailed it! Chile's redemption Finally got some awesome training down in South America, and La Parva, Chile has redeemed itself. Not going to lie, it looked like this training camp was going to turn into a dryland training camp because it was looking bare as ever. We were originally going to be in Chile for a little over 3 weeks, starting in La Parva then moving to Portillo. Unfortunately Portillo was melting as fast as La Parva and wouldn't have been possible to train there that late in the ski season, so we went for 2 weeks(which was more than enough). Since it's winter time during our summers down in South America, it's quite funny when you can leave 95 degrees and end up getting snowed on a few days later. That's right, thank you mother nature, it started snowing 2 days after we got to La Parva. Had it not snowed, we would have barely gotten any speed training, if any training at all. Instead with the new low temperatures and 3-4inches of new snow to cover over all the old dirty snow, we had it epic. Six days of Downhill Training full length, thats almost unheard of and certainly the most DH I've ever trained in a row. Having an average of 5 runs a day at about a minute and a half each was not only an adrenaline rush, but also super constructive.

Following the large downhill block we went into Super-G and GS. The Super-G track was really good still, but got more and more boney from rocks starting to stick out, which made outside the track sketchy as the days progressed. The GS was difficult and took different approaches with the new radius (35's). You could easily tell when you went vibrating past a gate on the steeps that you had waited to long to start pressuring, or not hammered the shovel. It was the first time we trained steeps with the new skis and it will take a couple more runs to get dialed in Colorado, but I feel better and more confident on them every time I train. We finished the camp off with an epic few runs of slalom, just what I needed to get a feeling back and get the Head boots more dialed in. On another note, I've picked up two new sponsors so far this year. One is a Sunscreen company out of California you may all remember from the 80's, called Zinka. This stuff is sweet with any color you want for protecting your skin, and they also have clear Zink as well. The sun was harsh down in Chile and Zinka was the only way to keep myself protected. Also I have moved on to POC helmets and goggles for this coming season and I'm stoked. The goggles are really good, with awesome visibility. Also the helmet fits very well and can take a beating.

Since the season is about to get underway here in a few weeks I will start updating you all regularly, set a book mark and keep checking back.


Zinka Team Rider, Mick Rodgers talks about his trip to Noosa Festival of Surfing!

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is one of the world’s premiere longboard contests that has been running strong for the last 10 years, luring some of the best longboarders from around the globe. Noosa is famed for its multitude of perfect right hand point breaks stretching along its lush green coastline. This year was especially exceptional not only because the waves were pumping, but also that it happened to coincide with Joel Tudors Duct Tape Invitational. The Duct Tape is Joel’s top picks in his opinion of who really exemplifies proper longboarding today, and let me tell you it was quite the show. Perfect waist to chest high peelers with some of the top names from Alex Knost, Jared Mell, Tyler Warren, and some of the local stand out rippa shreddas Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, and Thomas Bexon.

I was fortunate to make it over to Noosa Heads thanks to Zinka and experienced the best trip of my life. Two weeks of perfect waves, optimal weather, and friendly people. I’m definitely planning on returning next year and hope to have a repeat of this year’s excellent offering. Thanks again Zinka!
-Mick Rodgers